Thursday, August 15, 2013

01M Eco Friendly Shoes!

Advice has always been inspired by both design and eco-friendly products. This week, we received our first shipment of 01M shoes. Designed and produced in Spain, these shoes are not only inspired by nature but have a respect for the environment to live responsibly. The 01M shoe is a unique design with a superior fit and function combined with 100% biodegradability. The concept of 01M shoes comes from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon who painted the soles of their feet with natural latex to enable their surefooted movements through the jungle. These shoes ensure a great range in motion, maximum grip and are suitable for urban use, sports and leisure. For the mountain, beach, and at home.Both the shoe and its packaging is completely biodegradable.  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-2.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-5.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-9.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-6.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-12.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-13.gif

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