Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to school lunches, a few fun facts

I read an article recently posted by Rachelle Mesheau on the importance of litterless lunches.  I thought I would share it with all of our readers...

Many schools and parents are looking to create litterless lunches - not only does it reduce waste (diverting it from landfills and conserving energy) but it also saves money and is often a much healthier option!

Did you know:

1.  Every year, an elementary student in Ontario sends to landfills their own body weight in waste from conventionally packed school lunches.
2.  Each Canadian throws away approximately 1/2 kilograms of packaging daily.
2.  The majority of waste coming out of an office or school, other than paper, is lunch waste packaging.
4.  By taking a litterless lunch, you produce 89% less waste when you avoid single-use, disposable container and bags.
5.  By eliminating an average of 6 ounces (0.17 kg) of packaging garbage from each lunch for 20 school or working days, you can reduce CO2 emissions by 44.6 lbs (20kg) for the month.
6.  A London, Ontario school board calculated that a litterless lunch saved $2.75 per day, or $550 per year per child.
7.  While the exact numbers vary depending on the lunch, homemade lunches generally have much less sodium, sugar and fat

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your litterless lunch adventure – Here are a few options Advice has to offer.

1.  Lunch bag, $20  2. Kids Konserve - leak proof Stainless steel containers, $28  
3.  Reusable snack pack $9,  4.  Fluf napkin set, $24  
5.  Bambu knife fork spoon travel set, $18

1.  Lunch bag, $20  2. Kids Konserve - leak proof Stainless steel containers, $28  
3.  Reusable snack pack $9  4. Aquatina accordion style water bottle, $12.50

Monday, August 26, 2013

A little bit more of Pre-Fall

1. Bonton Dress, $114  2. Mini Rodini Jacket, $58  
4. Stella Mccartney Shoes, $220 5. Wovenplay, headband $55

1. Nico Nico Hat, $64  2. Makie pullover, $78 
3. Makie Legging, $55 4. Tip Top Joey, $48

1. Album di Famiglia coat, $240, 2. Makie pants, $78, 
3. Tip Top Joey Hightops, $84

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jessica de Ruiter featured in Chatelaine!

One of our customers who we adore, was featured in Chatelaine Magazine with her beautiful daughter James. To read the article click here!  photo Jessica-de-Ruiter-Aug-13-p13-478x660.jpg  photo Jessica-de-Ruiter-Aug-13-p14-468x660.jpg

Thursday, August 15, 2013

01M Eco Friendly Shoes!

Advice has always been inspired by both design and eco-friendly products. This week, we received our first shipment of 01M shoes. Designed and produced in Spain, these shoes are not only inspired by nature but have a respect for the environment to live responsibly. The 01M shoe is a unique design with a superior fit and function combined with 100% biodegradability. The concept of 01M shoes comes from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon who painted the soles of their feet with natural latex to enable their surefooted movements through the jungle. These shoes ensure a great range in motion, maximum grip and are suitable for urban use, sports and leisure. For the mountain, beach, and at home.Both the shoe and its packaging is completely biodegradable.  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-2.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-5.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-9.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-6.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-12.jpg  photo dezeen_01M-OneMoment-13.gif

Friday, August 9, 2013

We are featured in Bits Magazine!

This week Advice was featured in the Japanese Newpaper, Bits Magazine.  
 photo a91f94e8-5f2d-44d7-8258-b18b9df9ecaa.jpg

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sale Time!

Come pop by for the last few days of our summer sale, up to 60% off selected merchandise.  photo HjHla2JSIjflJ0qJ8oc91-0TSH7hMTMY5Nv4zEslDL0.jpeg  photo pXxTzyWwI5I6Sgk3LUlLQ9PlbScQrTWgpmGCB4dEtIY.jpeg  photo 0tqEhGLUdq_gcPawcmDVg6seEaAqFCOQtocOhe33E1w.jpeg  photo jOBZjBJETcL6gxQS5DDMtiJzQ4MRkw5-OgPxOYro7so.jpeg  photo pBUb4qBVqcISIGFQUwnzmwNHZfZXaWXogRhOXO_2fbA.jpeg

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aden and Anais for Prince George!

We love how Prince baby George was swaddled in Aden and Anais and how chic the Royal Family looked when coming home from the hospital. Come check out our selection of Aden and Anais swaddle blankets :)  photo 05c0b1bf-7bcf-4566-b5f5-e03ecdff73d2.jpg  photo photo1-14.jpg  photo photo2-18.jpg  photo photo4-10.jpg  photo photo3-16.jpg