Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visiting Wovenplay in New York

Wovenplay is one of our inspirations and always has been. Based in Brooklyn, NY, we visited the studio and chatted about the New York Public Library's incredible picture library, Japanese cottons and hand dying. 

Wovenplay designs, sews, dyes, and prints creative couture for the everyday artist and adventurer. The beauty of the collection is captured in its simplicity and how well we see our children when they wear it. Or insist on wearing it. The rendering of the past into the present means that swimsuits have zippers that won't rust in seawater or chlorine, tutus have proper closures for dancing and jumping, the feather headbands combine glass beading with vintage buttons. 

Wovenplay believes in designing vibrant, playful pieces that combine quality of color and texture with the innately imaginative spirit of childhood. Their clothes are fanciful and modern, with a foundation of inspiration from decades passed. 
 photo -RDhXjRlA4wA1zkOQfe9LF8zOT9kpF9vrFjsayquY8w.jpeg  photo FGcgXbds9zRZ6FR6GT9-c2T3wVrWeRvtzyWtpBLPzW8.jpeg  photo 3kfq7fJhVNzpuVkazLJcI6CPA2kXNETSiFoieL5Xc6A.jpeg  photo _1KWyRko79KlyzHxDQgpq-FjpIZUhEKMS_IHAtBaXQk.jpeg  photo KUsNsEyKgMKe1xFQs9VyFF65fJhO_M0z6gfZ-QEyRuM.jpeg  photo RjaVsuYJNiV4a8RFTqUPgQMeAxCHkBrxKHozFacarKw.jpeg  photo gbgbqpRhcJkzC_fjCm_ub7S9WDZ3QK9yuPtDBcCq_pY.jpeg  photo NwOQtSHbJIHYVhz24ty6VQtYk5Ktz0m70Y9jNwARkpY.jpeg  photo 2r-8rzQSLSn_bnyVjQLheeq3kOBorG23qTzeydf2ohs.jpeg

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