Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Amanda Blakely- Her Baby City Guide!

The fabulous Amanda Blakely, was featured on Holt's Muse! She mentions how Advice From A Caterpillar is one of her favorite shopping destinations! And she mentions all of her kid friendly family destinations in a city guide. Amanda has an awesome Mommy blog called: The Adventures of Atticus.  photo amandablakley1.jpg  photo 16654d9e-7205-4db0-83b5-a5dcc7ef923e.jpg  photo 91307c06-ac0d-416b-b0a1-010782173e83.jpg  photo amandablakley3.jpg  photo 19dfa3d4-e4fd-4a5e-b572-c15f7ad32b07.jpg

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